2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro4X review

In France dominate the full sized pickup market moving over 2000000 of them in 2015 Ford racked up more F150 sales in a week that Nissan Titan sold all year this new version should muscle in on more that sales action. How much did Nissan need this new type well the first generation went into production in late 2003. This is the second generation. It’s 2016 Alright you do the math. Gen 2 gets a brawny you’re looking more configurations both important Titan is all large pick up and it feels that way from behind the wheel this ex D. model that’s creeping up on the 3 quarter ton segment is over a foot longer than the standard half ton tighten only XD can be had with the V8 diesel I’m driving the gas engine with 4 wheel drive. The frames of the Titan and the ecstasy are different both are fully boxed for strength while the 2 models share a cab the front ends differs since the Eckstine needs to accommodate the diesel engine and extra cooling abilities.

nissan titanThe bed of the XD is 65 feet long the standard Titans 5.5. If you can’t find a way to tie down cargo here and chances are you shouldn’t be trying to move it optional watertight cargo boxes are removable to make more space they’re usable even with the bed cap on and can double as a cooler. They’re lockable to a skill sought can be run off the 110 outlet that’s keeping here wish the bumpers had boot cut outs. For everyday use. Titan has definitely gone to finishing school modern pickups can be comfortable and quiet that would describe tighten. Don’t know that I would use the word nimble well it’s simply a matter of sites just like Silverado Ramin tundra. Commuting and parking it dense urban areas isn’t tons of funny these machines. With trailer sway control adjustable trailer braking and cameras specifically designed for hooking up solo no that’s not a dating thing. XP models contoh up to 12300 pounds with payload rated at a full time. The 5.6 liter VH churns out 390 horsepower. And through. For power. Torque. Moving the 7 speed gearbox selector up to hear freed up more space on the console for your mouth do. The aid is very responsive awful live it doesn’t have that hand of god toward doing that the diesel has. But it’s very satisfying. The EPA does not break the fuel economy of large trucks like XD I saw 60 miles per gallon that should surprise no one the second generation Titan now feels like a full log a bird can pick up truck Capital murder.

I drove the Eckstine diesel off road earlier this year and honestly if you get into trouble with one of these well it’s your own darn fault. Pro 4 X adds Bilstein off road shocks electronic rear differential and a raised ground clearance of 10.6 inches. Eliminating running boards improves the off road ability but get in and out. Not exactly easy think could. Base jump off this thing. Once it voters should enjoy the space Nissan has but the quality of the materials it had to really all manufacturers have. Also installed new hid headlights for Nissan Titan. Destruction workers may not buy this model but they deserve a heated real climate controlled seats. The chairs by the way are especially comfortable and supportive while the interface is straightforward the screen is small and there’s no support for android auto or apple CarPlay. Those strong enough to hoist themselves into the back.

Will be rewarded with seats that are nearly as comfortable as those up front. There’s loads of room back here the warm feeling you get isn’t just because computers can be charged those in back are in no danger of dehydration there’s a single cap model coming for those who don’t need all this room or seats that flip and fold every which way from Sunday look more places the stash tools. To prove it doesn’t just look rugged the warranty is now 5 years or 100000 miles bumper to tow hook. Starting at around $36000 or 53 grand as tested the refined to tighten is certainly capable at doing the stuff pickups need to do but its toughest task will be lowering the loyal owners from other brands into the Nissan full. For those waiting for the TP trunk test. A really imagine the amount of time and effort it would take to haul out that many bundles of toilet paper for a sight gag so sorry.

The inherently lazy part of me shot that idea down in a heart beat. For those of you wondering why I only quoted American brand figures in the full sized pickup markets well really folks they completely and utterly dominate the market. Other than Titan which according to pick ups.com sold 12140 units in 2015 Toyota tundra is the only other player in segment moving nearly 119000 trucks. Ram the smallest of the American brands sold nearly 4 times that and 1 last numerical point Ford crows that they have the number 1 selling pickup in the F150 but. If you add up the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra essentially the same truck – GM is the sales came. There you go gang that is my look at the second generation Nissan Titan and I didn’t crash my drone this time always a plus. One last thing before I go these are not inexpensive ratings so test drive a number of different brands okay I think of it as the home version of my job. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t take the time to discover different vehicles.