2016 Chrysler 200 Limited

Hey guys Charles here again with don Marshall we’re taking, a look at this right here at the 2016 Chrysler 200, limited package. Now what that limited package gets you is a 4 liter multiair engine matted up against the 9 speed automatic transmission one of the smoothest automatics. In the entire country and standard 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels now there’s not been a physical update from last year’s design but there have been some cool things added to the packages so we’re gonna go over today on this 200, is some of the things that come standard on the limited before that we’re gonna take a look inside. Parents Linus 2016 Chrysler 200, not right off the bat you notice that the center council has kind of like a cockpit design with this open air feel and another thing that you’ll see that’s almost standard on all the new Chrysler 200, is a gear select knob. This is all electronic there’s no mechanical shift anymore in the transmissions which is really really some of the really really comfortable and it’s not hard to get used to it all you’ll find yourself getting very comfortable with it very fast. Now the limited model come standard with an upgraded cloth interior which is a little bit nicer all of your accent panels are gonna be aluminum tram which is a really really modern look awesome.

Chrysler 200 Limited

You have a climate control system so it’s not just. A knob with 4 different settings for the temperature you can actually control it by the degrees. It is really neat. We’re gonna standard backup camera you’re gonna get a media player whether that’s MP 3 player in any sort of an I pod you can hook it up to this through the yeah auxiliary Jack now you’re gonna have steering wheel radio control switch on the back of the steering wheel. You’re also gonna have cruise control and your hands free Bluetooth phone system so it really is loaded up for a mid level car. You can get into a 200 limited for under 25 Kmart and it has all of these features. Standard. And that over 30 miles to the gallon highway you really can’t beat the Chrysler 200, on a mid size car it’s it’s wonderful. Information about Headlights for Chrysler 200 Limited see at link:http://beedlelight.com/chrysler-200/headlights.html, LED, HID, XENON, HALO headlight.

Well that about wraps up our quick look at his 2016 Chrysler 200 limited, in this beautiful color this is actually a pearl blue which you really can’t beat now if you’ve got serious questions on the capabilities of the 200. Come on down to don Marshall talk to one of the sales product specialist that’s trained on this vehicle and noble over all the details that I’ve skipped over on our quick look program.