The new generation of Toyota Prius WILL BE REFUELED WITH SOLAR ENERGY

The new generation of Toyota PriusThe engineers of the Japanese company have found a way to make the most efficient car in the US which is even more convenient to use. The new generation of the popular hybrid hatchback will get another method of filling a lithium-ion battery with solar energy.

For its absorbing and recycling, solar modules will be installed on the roofs of cars that will allow you to charge it continuously on any sunny day. The modules will be active as when the engine is off and while driving, and even when the car will charge from a different source.

At the moment it is unknown if it solar panels will be included to the basic package of new Toyota Prius with headlights for Toyota Camry or will be available only as a separate option.

According to preliminary calculations of the engineers of Toyota, the use of this technology will increase the efficiency of fuel consumption, approximately by 10%, which will give the already the most economical car in the U.S. additional advantage on the market of “green” transport.