2016 Chrysler 200 Limited

Hey guys Charles here again with don Marshall we’re taking, a look at this right here at the 2016 Chrysler 200, limited package. Now what that limited package gets you is a 4 liter multiair engine matted up against the 9 speed automatic transmission one of the smoothest automatics. In the entire country and standard […]

The new generation of Toyota Prius WILL BE REFUELED WITH SOLAR ENERGY

The engineers of the Japanese company have found a way to make the most efficient car in the US which is even more convenient to use. The new generation of the popular hybrid hatchback will get another method of filling a lithium-ion battery with solar energy. For its absorbing and recycling, solar modules will be […]

The new Porsche Panamera has received night vision systems.

Porsche officially unveiled the new generation of hatchback Panamera. The model has received full-managed chassis, a system of active suppression of banks and eight-robotic gearbox with two clutches (PDK II). Overall length of the “Panamera” is 5049 mm, width – 1937 mm, height – 1423 mm, and the size of the wheelbase reaches 2,950 millimeters. […]

Nissan and its hybrid operation.

The largest producer in the world of cars – Nissan – was founded in nineteen thirty-third, and to this day it continues to delight fans of motor vehicle innovations, improvements of existing models, as well as quality service and maintenance. A significant advantage, which is very appreciated by customers of Nissan is a great opportunity […]